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Equipment Finance

We have over 15 years of trucking equipment experience. We have financed thousands of truck & trailers across the US. We help both startups & fleet owners.

Small Business Loans

Virsa Capital does 30% of its business doing small business loans with property. We have financed motels, truck yards, office buildings & gas stations.

Dealership Service

Virsa Capital also provides dealership’s full financing services. We help our vendors focus on selling while we handle their financing needs.

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Fill out our 5 mins credit application. Call us at 844-847-7222 and we will give you the answer within an hour. Yes, we are that QUICK !

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Make a request on our website and wait for our response e-mail within 30 minutes from the time of the request during business hours.

Secured & encrypted top level security for customer data

We use top of the line security when it comes to handle our customers documents. We use 3rd party vendors such as google, amazon, adobe & many others for data security. We also use on-site Shred It vendor for more secured shredding. From online application form to loan documents signing, every step is carefully looked for the privacy and data secured.

VirsaCapital is the right choice for you if:

You want quick approval

We provide quick pre-approval within hours

You are a US Resident

Must be a current resident of the United States

You have a business goal

You need to show that you are serious about running a business, with clear goals

Equipment must be in good standing

If equipment is required, you must find equipment with a clear title and it must hold good market value

Industry experience

You must have least 1 year industry experience or willing to show you are capable of running your business properly

You have regular income

You must have an income coming in every month and have no overdraft in your bank accounts

Why people choose us

We offer a totally new way of borrowing
Fair interest rates

Most of our lenders offer competitive commercial rates. We provide loan proposal on every deal to clients to understand the rates.

Lease tax benefit

If equipment appreciate then buy, if it depreciate then do lease option. Lease option gives client maximum tax benefit.

Lowest APR available to you

We work very closely with our partner lenders and we as a broker represent client and look for the best rate available for them.

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